This is a blog about feeling stuff about sports.  An overview of what we hope to write about and why is here.  Our contributors are below:


frequently spends his weekend mornings over a pint fretting with fellow members of the DC Tottenham Hotspur supporters club, and loves hopping on the MARC train home to spend an afternoon at Camden Yards. He’s making an effort to consolidate his consumption of sports, which has been voracious and omnivorous pretty much since the beginning, to soccer and baseball. In an age of plenty, and of plenty that’s fascinating, that’s no easy task.


bleeds the black and gold of his hometown Steel City sports teams.  Someplace between stints in England and Spain, he became an avid football (ahem… “soccer”) fan, and he now roots for Liverpool Football Club and FC Barcelona as if Anfield and the Camp Nou were located between the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers.


is an avid baseball, hockey, tennis, and football junkie, closely following his teams and living and dying by the results. Brainwashed as a youth in south-central Pennsylvania, he is a third-generation fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, and Arizona Cardinals and religiously roots for Roger Federer. Two of those loves have spoiled him with success while the other two serve as constant reminders of the helplessness and agony we experience when watching sports and of the undying hope and excitement that keeps us coming back to cheer some more.


A native Californian, Jon learned the finer form of the forearm bash before he could walk. He is an unswayable Oakland Raiders fan, a passive Oakland A’s fan, and a more-recently-then-in-the-past Golden State Warriors Fan (although that loyalty will die when they leave Oakland). Beyond Bay Area teams, Jon is an impassioned Everton fan, a loyalty that stems from Brian McBride’s performance in the 2002 World Cup and his impending loan to Goodison. A devoted Syracuse University alumnus, he remains a big college football, basketball, and lacrosse fan.


is a late bloomer to most things, sports fandom included.  When Lauren returned to DC in 2012, she recommitted to her hometown through baseball, just in time to fall in love with the Nationals during an inspiring and heartbreaking era that continues to this day.  Somehow, that heartbreak only pushed her to double down on DC sports by pledging allegiance to the Capitals, keeping her busy regardless of season.


spends his evenings and weekends screaming at the television. Frustration and exasperation dominate the Avalanche and Nuggets games, while recent years have brought joy during Broncos games. He loves the sport of soccer and will watch the EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, and UCL without any arm pulling. He has made pilgrimages to two temples of tennis – Centre Court at Wimbledon and Arthur Ashe at Flushing Meadows – and dreads the day Roger Federer hangs it all up.


has Midwest roots but grew up in the Pacific Northwest during some of the best years for the Sonics, Mariners, and Washington Huskies. Always the hometown fan, now you can find him avidly supporting the Seattle Sounders FC (and following them wherever they may go), or driving his converted purple and gold kegerator-laden bread truck, striving for the ultimate tailgate tradition on the shores of Lake Washington for Husky Football. Tom is intrigued by the human experience of being a fan, the social bonds in sports fandom, the importance of sports in our cultural traditions and exchange, and those sports often considered ‘fringe’.


shared a highway exit with the University of Connecticut as a kid, and her first sports love was the UConn women’s basketball team. If she played it in her youth, she’ll follow it and have some thoughts on it now, and the list of sports she’s played includes basketball, swimming, and volleyball, for the most part. She also remains up to date on the goings-on in the world of thoroughbred horse racing, an interest based in annual family trips to Saratoga Springs, NY.